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August 17, 2014


by 4hathacker  |  in Network Security at  2:23 AM

"If you want to hack any person facebook account then i could not say that you( or even i ) can hack that account or not, we can just try . Because we don't know which level of security that person uses and how much he knows about facebook security."

There are many methods to hack anybody facebook account.

1. Phishing

  • To steal any person identity by convince him to give his account identity on your cloned fake link, is called phishing.
  • Phishing is a method or a attack that can easily performed by many types. Like you can use kali linux set toolkit to make a clone web page or you can make it by your own knowledge of coding a web page.
In this attack we make a clone of main facebook page and send it to victim. Then we convince him to click on our link and login to facebook. when he login to his facebook account, then we found his identity at our computer.

In these days, facebook users are aware of these types of attacks and you can't make fool them easily. So you have to hard work to make them fool by advance social engineering.
My personal advice to all of you - Let you are 'A' ,then want hack 'B' so use 'C' to send your link. So 'C' should be close friend of 'A' and 'B'. Then 'A' can easily make fool to 'B' with the help of 'C' or you can hack 'C' first and then 'A' to 'C'.

Always check the page URL before login. This is the most trusted and effective way one can use to avoid himself from phishing.
The other way is to use any effective antivirus software which can warn you when you visit a harmful phishing page.

Even if somehow you have already entered your credentials in a phisher, Immediately change your password.

2.  Keylogging:

Keylogging is a simple attack in which hacker sends a infected file having keylogger in it. When victim open it or executes it then it sends all the accounts information to the hacker server even what keys victim pressing.The main advantage of this attack is hacker got all accounts information in one attack and other is that victim doesn't know that his computer is sending his bitwise data to the hacker server anonymously.

  • Some of good antivirus detect the keyloggers and it delete the infected file before execution. So you have to find a way to protect your keylogger.
  • Use good antivirus software and keep it up to date.
  • If you are hacked then fastly change your all passwords.
  • Don't be fool.

3.  Session Hacking

When victim is connected to hackers by using same Wi-Fi or LAN.
Session hacking is my favourite attack method because the outer world doesn't know what is going on and it is very easy.
  1. you have to detect victim's packets which is going through the router. you can do it with the help of kali linux or "cain and abel" tool.
  2. Steal the cookies of victim and use that cookies to open his account at your PC.
  3. You can either use kali linux or "wireshark" tool to read and steal cookies.
  1. If victim uses HTTPS , then you can't hack any person session.
  2. If you done it by good skills then you have victim account for a short time because when he log in again then you will be log out automatically.
  1. If you are hacked then fastly re login to your account and change your password or use HTTPS  to login your account.
  2. check your Wi-Fi connection and disconnect it.


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