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August 14, 2014


by 4hathacker  |  in Blogging at  7:39 PM

If you  are going to make a blog then it consider many steps - 

  1. You need a email address :- 

  • Open your browser and search for or any other website which provide you an email address. I suggest you to create a email address because it is more secure then any other.

  • Then click on "create a account " and fill up that form. It includes many things like name, user name, password, birthday, gender, phone number, current email address, location and a prove that you are not a robot. After filling this form click on the" Next step" button.
  • Then it will request  for a profile picture. If you have any picture in device memory then you can upload it or skip this, if you don't have.
  • Then click on the "Next step" and complete the sign up process.

   2.    Create a blog on  :-

  • Go to the search engine and write "" and then open it. Then give your "Blog tittle" and a "Blog address" which is available on blogger.Then choose a template.  Then give a "word verification"  and click on "Continue".

  • Now start posting on your blog and be careful about the content it should be in  proper way. 

 3.    Set up a mind blowing template on your blog :- 

     1) First Method 

  • Go to your search box and search for free website or blog templates for blogger. Then choose a mind blowing template (either a website template or a blog template) and download it.
  • Then go to your blog and click on "Template" and then go to the right upper corner and click on "Backup/Restore" and then upload your new template on your blog, then then go to the coding of your blog HTML and edit your headings, gadgets, designed by, name e.t.c

     2) Second Method 

  • Go to your blog and click on "Template" . Then click on "Customize" and open it.
  • You will find more options like Background, Adjust width, Layout, Advanced.
  • You can customize these options.
  • you will found many other options in "Advanced" ,check these also.
  • Make your dream template by editing in these templates.

   3. Make the pages for your blog

  • Make pages for your heading if you choose second method.
  • Give labels to your posts and connect these pages to your most labels.
        Example:- HTTP://   

   4. Check your blog settings 

  • You will need to connect one of your Google+ account to your blog to share the posts to Google+.

  • First go in basic settings and check your Title, Description, Privacy and others.
  • You can set up your third party domain on your blog in basic settings.
  • You can invite authors for your blog by email address.
  • Go to "search preferences" and set your "Meta tags" ,so google can easily find your post.


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