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March 31, 2015

Hacking root password of Redhat7 Linux

by Anonymous  |  in System Administration at  6:07 PM

Root password is everything in any linux. Once you get or break root user password then you have all power on that system. Now you can change any user password or you can login any other user without its password from root . PID (process id ) of root user is 0 . And anybody who have PID - 0 , have all powers at that system . Root password breaking is a very easy process step by step , but once you mistake then please do it from start . Otherwise you will waste your time in this process . To set new password , we don't need the older password in this way .


1) Just start your system . It will show you two lines on welcome screen. Click on upper arrow key and go to the 1st line.
2) Now press    e     .
3) Then go down and find a line which is starting from " linux16 " .
4) Go to the end of this line and give a space and write rd.break   

5) Now press Ctrl-x    , Now system is rebooting in background. 
6) Now it will ask for commands.
7) Write these commands in this order

       mount  -o remount,rw sysroot
       chroot   /sysroot/
       passwd   root

Give password of root as you want . And follow commands for reboot.


Now system is rebooting.  When you see the welcome screen and those two lines , please go to the 1st line and press e for edit again.

8) Go down and find a line which is starting from "linux16 " .
9) Again go to the end of this line and give space and then write enforcing=0   
10) Then press Ctrl-x
11) System will show you login page . Give username as root and write your password , And now you are logged In.
12) Once you are logged in ,open the terminal and put a command-

      restorecon    /etc/shadow


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