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March 24, 2015

Lock your FACEBOOK account with last password, when it is hacked .

by Anonymous  |  in Network Security at  8:09 PM

Your account is hacked.Now what you can do if you don't have your email and phone number connected with it OR It may be the case that hacker has removed your phone number and email id. Facebook gives an ultimate option to lock your account with last password. You can lock your account in just few minutes . But you have to apply this method in 24 hours of your account hacked. I know everybody  use these hours to recover their facebook account. So you just need your last password. This post is also useful for hackers to LOCK victim facebook account by last password. Because mostly victims recover their facebook account from their email id or phone. So a smart hacker will always LOCK that facebook account from old password.

This Ultimate way of Locking facebook account from last password:


1.  Just put your last password with email OR phone no OR username OR profile id number .
2. Click on login button.
3. Facebook will say " Your password was changed at : Today at 6:55 pm. "
4. Just CLICK on         " click here  "  .
5. Now facebook will give an option tolock your account as  "Lock My Account "
6. Click on it.
7. DONE , your account is locked . ( Congratulation !! you saved your account from  misuse by hacker . )

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