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March 24, 2015

Robots - Introduction

by Anonymous  |  in Robotronics at  9:14 PM

Intro to Robotronics!!!
Robotronics is a combo of robotics and mechatronics. It simply means that a mechanical assembly is used with some sort of electronics to construct a robot. A robot is a machine which behaves as human while performing a specific task and makes our work easier. Not every machine is a robot. For example, a fan is not a robot. But a combination of several motors with actuators and blades can work as a robotic copter and it can make our work easier. Robots are used in every industry and even at homes to reduce the workload and that to efficiently within a small time. There are some robots that we can construct at home with local available components. Some example of robots that we used to see around or heard of, are line follower robot, grid solver robot, wall climbing robot, pick and place robot, etc. From the land on earth to landing on mars, all these basic robots and their work have helped the mankind which is of immense value. Some robots are also used as a part or entertainment like as in robowars, roboraces etc. These robots not only entertain us but also keep us busy to see that there is a need of lot more development in the field of robotics. Robots have reduced the man power whether they are on land or in air. Yes, we have also heard about UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) commonly, we call it a Quadcopter, which can be used for delivery purposes, security and surveillance purposes etc. In today’s era, we all need more comfort, less workload and advancement in robotics helps in achieving these.

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