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September 2, 2015

Finding files and directories according to linux permissions

by 4hathacker  |  in Server Hardening at  1:54 AM

Here some tricks to find files and directories as per the linux DAC  permissions

1. finding all files and directories with 0777 permission

[root@4hathacker mail]# find  /  -perm  0777 -print

2.  find all files only with 0777 permission

[root@4hathacker mail]# find  /  -type f -perm  0777 -print

Note: for directories you can -type  -d

3. files and directories without   777 permission

[root@4hathacker mail]# find  /   ! -perm  0777 

** 4. files and directories with any special permission 7---

[root@4hathacker mail]# find  /   -perm  /7000


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