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August 26, 2014


by Unknown  |  in Phishing at  1:31 AM

To make a phishing page is a very short and fast process with the help of "Kali Linux" or "Backtrack 5". After starting these operating system, you can make a phishing page in 10 seconds world wide. Phishing is a way to hack any account in very less time. Follow the steps for hacking FACEBOOK account, email account and other website accounts.
  • First you have to install "kali" or "backtrack" operating system as your main operating system. A another way is install it in the virtual box, if you are using a higher RAM and HARD DISK in your computer. Because a lower RAM system doesn't support computer wireless adapter in virtual box.
  • Then you have to connect a 3G or higher internet connection using only your modem. Because if you will use wi-fi hotspot or router to internet connection it hides your identity to the world, so it never works. Please only use your own modem to connect your internet.
  • Check your ip address by the command " ifconfig" ,then see your ip address. It should be your public ip address not your private ip address. I will clear your all doubts about public and private ip address in the end of the article.
  • Then go to the set toolkit 
Backtrack >exploitation>social exploitation tool>social engineering toolkit>Set  "you can also follow the link of our page to see the step by step pictures for learning phishing attack 

  • Take help from that pictures and type "1" then enter , then type "2" then enter, then type "3" then enter , then copy your ip address and paste it. Then hit enter and put your website or page link which you want to make a fake and clone page. Then hit enter and type  <return> and now your ip address is the worldwide phishing link. Please use to short your link as shown in photos. Now send this link to your friends and request them to like the page and you will got there all activities and passwords in your live terminal , So please don't close your terminal till you close your all work.
  • Now enjoy it because it is a very big movement for you and download your friend hole data at your hard disk. Change his password and remove his/her phone number then change his email address and put heavy security on this account, so your friend never recover his account.

Difference between public and private ip address:

your got public ip address if you are directly connected to the ISP (Internet service provider ) . So you will found your ip address like " ". But if you are not connected directly (so via router ,hotspot and others) to the ISP so you will get a private ip address like this " or or or "
So thank you very much for reading knowledge purpose.


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